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Thomas Durant

Thomas Durant is an active freelance musician, composer, teacher, producer, and impresario based out of Montreal. Durant grew up in the small Laurentian town of Morin Heights. His first formal musical experience was at Laurentian Regional high school under the tutelage of Robert Stagg. Drawn to the drums around the age of 14, Thomas pursued his new found passion with dedication and perseverance.

After he finished high school in 2003, Thomas continued his musical studies at Vanier College, where, over the next four years, he cultivated a rich foundation of musical knowledge. Throughout his stay at Vanier, he practiced vigorously, took advantage of every playing opportunity he could find, formed groups of all styles and genres, and attended Kosa's International drum and percussion workshops in both Cuba and Vermont. In 2007, Thomas graduated from Vanier with a DEC in Professional Music and Song Techniques.

Drawn to jazz and the Montreal scene, Thomas became a regular at all the local music venues, and almost never missed a jam session or a chance to play. He began to perform regularly with childhood friend, Montreal bassist, Kyle Morin. The duo integrated themselves into the Montreal jazz community, and steadily built a network of professional friends and colleagues. Their mutual respect and appreciation for local artists and listeners eventually led to the realization of Jazz in the Point (JITP).

JITP is a Montreal based musical co-operative founded by Thomas and childhood friend, Kyle Morin in 2008. It has quickly become one of the primary outlets for jazz in Montreal through weekly performances and jam sessions, as well as the highly successful Jazz in the Point concert series.

Thomas can be seen performing in and around Montreal with artists such as Al McLean, Kyle Morin, Gregory Burton, Cameron Wallis, Marie-Fatima Rudolf, Chet Doxas, and Dave Turner, among others.